CEO Succession Case Study:
Bend The Arc

As the long-tenured executive vice president at Bend the Arc, Stosh Cotler was told by the board that it wished to consider her for the role of CEO, a position that had recently opened up. The only problem was that Cotler didn’t see herself as CEO material.

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  • “Women go through a job description and if we don’t feel like we can do everything that is listed, we don’t apply. I know this is a danger, but I still did the same thing at first; I couldn’t help it.”

    Stosh Cotler,Bend the Arc CEO

The Board’s belief in Stosh Cotler (and her belief in herself) has been validated by her successful tenure at Bend the Arc.

Steve Rohde, who chaired the board at the time of Cotler’s appointment, says the process inspired him in other situations to think about the value of a promotion from within an organization

  • “We spoke about how her fixation on her weaknesses was something that women tend to internalize and that it holds women back.”

    Rabbi Felicia Sol, Former Bend the Arc Board Member

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