CEO Succession Case Study:
JCC in the Midwest

In 2016, after encouraging its longtime CEO to retire, a JCC in the Midwest embarked on a search for its new leader. The location’s tight labor market and small Jewish community presented significant challenges in finding a CEO. Adding to the challenge was their need for a turnaround CEO capable of reversing budgetary decline and other shortfalls.

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  • “Terminations can be difficult for nonprofit organizations—you don’t own the business and often you are in the same social circles as the CEO. But if you’re staggering, you have to act decisively.”

    The JCC’s Board Chair

Former CEO
30 years on the job


  • “Candidates look at the Midwest and they think it’s sort of ‘parve’—neither meat or milk, just uninspiring. I love the Midwest, I think it’s America’s best-kept secret, but searching for candidates here can be more difficult.”

    A Vice President & Governance Consultant with JCC Association (JCCA)

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