CEO Succession Case Study:
Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning & Leadership

When Spertus CEO Hal Lewis was ready to identify a successor from top management ranks, Dean Bell stood out as the only one with the unique combination of academic training, administrative skills, and institutional context. But first, they had work to do together to make sure Bell was “camera ready” to be presented to the board as a potential successor.

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  • “The hiring of outsiders is often simply the result of a failure to prepare insiders.”

    Hal Lewis

Dean Bell has spent almost his entire professional life at Spertus, gradually building his skills as an academic, an administrator, and most recently, a leader.

Hal Lewis was focused on finding an internal candidate because he had been influenced by research that shows—all things being equal— insider candidates outperform external CEOs.

  • “Until recently I never would have imagined myself as a CEO.”

    Dean Bell

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