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Employee Engagement Survey


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Are Jewish nonprofits great places to work? How can we make sure they’re on the leading edge, engaging employees and empowering them to maximize their potential? Building a talent pipeline of exceptional leaders depends on the answers. To identify our sector’s strengths and opportunities concerning workplace culture and employee engagement, Leading Edge partnered with Korn Ferry Hay Group to conduct a groundbreaking employee engagement survey.


Employees are:

Passionate & mission-driven

Motivated to go above & beyond

Confident in their leaders

Treated with respect


Employees want:

More people to do the work

Greater feedback & accountability

Training & advancement opportunities

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Mission Ignites Passion

Why do people choose to work for Jewish nonprofits?

55 Jewish nonprofits particpated

  Commitment to the Jewish community / Judaism – 25%
  Organizational mission – 22%
  Promise of challenging & interesting work – 18%
  Potential career growth – 12%
  Future colleagues – 7%
  Work-life balance – 6%
  Financial compensation – 3%
  Other – 7%

“I joined my organization because I firmly believe in our goals and what we do for the community.”
—Survey Respondent

But Initial Sparks Don’t Always Catch

More tending is needed to nurture and engage mission-motivated talent.

Engagement Fizzles Out:
The Sophomore Slump

A lack of staff resources combined with a general failure to provide constructive feedback and encourage professional growth leads to a significant drop off in employee engagement after the first year of employment.

Management Isn’t Sufficiently Fanning the Flame

Employees Are Losing Steam

The Path Forward Isn’t Clearly Illuminated

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