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2019 Survey Report

Over 80,000 professionals spend their days working in the Jewish nonprofit sector. These professionals are the most valuable asset of organizations and the way they experience work dramatically impacts their success. To support organizations in creating better places to work, Leading Edge partnered with Culture Amp to conduct an annual employee experience survey.

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  • "Everyone is very mission-driven and wants to excel. I wake up knowing that the work we do every day is making a difference.”

    Survey Respondent

  • "I have confidence in each specific leader’s subject matter expertise; I do not always have confidence in their leadership or management abilities.”

    Survey Respondent

  • "My boss is extremely supportive of me in my position and my personal well-being. I’ve never had a supervisor who has been so caring about me as an individual, not just as my work. It’s extremely motivating, and the number one reason why I will choose to stay in this position for another year instead of seeking a job with higher pay.”

    Survey Respondent

  • "All I know is that we each have a meeting with the executive director to learn how much we will be making the next year, but I don’t know how they reach the conclusions of how much it will be.”

    Survey Respondent

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